5 Award Winning Body Artists

tattoo-kitsLong gone is the stigma that tattoos were once associated with drunken sailors and surly inmates. It seems there are tattoo parlors on every block these days. From teens (with parental permission) to grannies, tattoos can be seen on arms, legs and everywhere in-between wherever there are people. We got some interesting data from our friends at Target Digital Marketing that supports the growth of this awesome industry. It used to be a long drawn out process but it’s evident that with enough notice, a significant load of enthusiastic fans can pretty much stop into any sizable parlor and get tattoos same day by some of their local artists at a reasonable price.

There are a handful of tattoo artists with the reputation for being the best in the world. Their range of styles promises to give the recipient whatever they want. They cater to the rich and famous, but with a six to twelve-month lead, you, too can get an appointment.

Here are just 5 award winning body artists.

Scott Campbell
Having a Scott Campbell tattoo is something to brag about. Delicate and intricate, Campbell’s work is recognizable with aficionados in the field. His prices start at $1,000 for the first hour and drop to $200 an hour for any follow-up time. He’s known for Tattoo of old shipstypography and antique ornamentation. If you’re looking for a classic design reminiscent of what we know as the original tattoo, you can get an intricately inked sailing ship or other nautical memorabilia. A true artist.

Ami James
If price is no object and you want one of the best in the business, get on the books with Ami James. Founder of Miami Ink and NY Ink this guy is busy. He owns the Love Hate Social Club in London and also has a clothing shop called DeVille.  Ami James tattoos   You will pay top dollar for James’ work with an hourly rate of $500. Here’s the thing – you won’t regret it.

Kat von D
A close associate of Ami James and a regular on Miami Ink for four seasons, von D claims her rightful place among the best. After Miami Ink she moved to Los Angles and opened her own shop called High Voltage Tattoo. She became a star in her own right as the subject of the show LA Ink. Her hourly wage depends on the intricacy of the design, but starts at $200 an hour. She’s doing alright for herself with a net worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $5M.

Mike Rubendall
On a bit of a budget, but still want high quality? Mike Rubendall only charges $125 an hour. His reputation is growing fast and by the time this post is published his price could be higher. While his preferences include neo-traditional and horror tattoos, he has an oriental style with designs featuring the Eastern culture. You could easily wait over a year to get in his chair, but if you like cherry blossoms, Koi fish, demons and ghouls, no one does them better.

Stephanie Tamez
Another lady on the scene of top tattoo artists. Tamez began as a graphic artist and switched to body art after realizing that was her real passion. Her work stands out because of its elegant use of topography and font styles. She is also well known for her client counseling. If someone wants a tatt that she thinks won’t stand up to time, she will explain and offer guidance to another body location or different design. The personal touch has brought her repeat business despite her $200 and hour price tag.  Stephanie Tamez TattooThere are many superior tattoo artists who haven’t gotten the press and recognition that these five have received. You may know one or two. Leave a message under this post in the comment section and tell me about an artist you’ve met and why the rest of the world should know more about him/her.

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