Tattoos are nothing new, but there is always something new about them. At Tattoos1, I like to keep my readers informed of the latest trends along with how it ties into the history that got us tattoo lovers to where we are today.

Since the turn of the century, tattoos have made their way back to the forefront of fashion and personal expression. In the 1990s tatts were being toyed with. Young adults who were considered conservative found their wild side and a tattoo was a way to display a rebellious attitude. Then it seemed like overnight everyone was wearing ink.  Second tattoo

Back in those days getting a tattoo was an act of rebellion. For a woman to have a small heart or flower displayed on an ankle sent a loud and clear message that the wearer was not all black and white and harbored a bit of a naughty side. Thought of as a bit riské, little did the world know how important tattoos would – once again – become as an anthem of the times.

Pamela Anderson influenced the industry when she had an image of barbed wire tattooed around her upper arm. Thousands ensued with their own version. Angelina Jolie made news photos when displaying her undying love for her most recent paramour in ink on her stunning skin. These 2 high profile beauties made tattooing a necessity for any self-respecting beautiful body out there.

Where did it all begin and where is it now? Where is the art of tattooing going from here? These are topics we talk about in the posts on Tattoo1. It’s an exciting art form and one that is ever evolving. With a history that dates as far back as the Neolithic period, the practice of adorning the body for ritual, beauty and bravado has never really gone away.

It’s been discovered that tattoos have played a part in ancient healing rites. Researchers don’t know exactly how they were used, but there is enough evidence to support findings that substantiate a pattern. Burial compounds throughout Asia and the South Pacific indicate the use of tattoos when it came to status in a tribe or community.

There is more to the tattoo than just pretty ink. Thank you for reading my blog posts. I welcome your input. Send pics of your latest work of art, maybe I can use them in an upcoming post.