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back-tattoos-women-artYesterday, while out on the golf course, our foursome included a thirty-something oriental woman sporting an intricate lace-like tattoo on her outer, upper thigh. It was hard not to stare. Her golf shorts didn’t cover the pattern and every time she took a shot, I found myself watching her body ink respond to the hit rather than the ball. Shameless? I think of it more as a compliment.

Rounding the 14th green there were some landscapers off in the rough. It appeared they were in the process of clearing the area that later may be incorporated into the course’s greens. The big job of pruning trees took a back seat to their obvious admiration of my golf mate’s tatt. No words were exchanged, just admiring glances.

We adorn our bodies to feel good about ourselves – at least in my opinion – that should be the motivating drive. Everyone has their own reasons for getting a tattoo, and I’m not one for questioning their motives. Personally, I appreciate fine art when I see it, and when an exceptional tattoo is placed in just the right spot, it is definitely worth admiring. I try to be cool and not gawk. I gawk discreetly. When appropriate, and driven from pure fascination, I won’t stop myself from asking questions. Who did the work? Where did you have it done? Why did you choose that pattern? The questions can start to feel like an inquisition if I’m not careful. Most people are happy to get the attention.

I’m finding women love tattoos as much as men. In the past two decades more women have inked up than ever before. Making either an artistic statement or a rebellious one, many women are choosing some audacious designs. The days of small flowers on the ankle are barely even seen any more. It’s hardly a real expression of the wild child within. Back in the 60s this was enough to label a woman as a full-blown, anti-establishment rebel at heart.

A simple vine, heart or flower in 2016 is viewed as pretty tame, but still trendy. To be a little wild, but not give Grandma a stroke, some women are choosing small, feminine art on their wrists. This area can be seen almost all the time. Delicate patterns can still be viewed as making a statement without overwhelming a body part with too much activity.  wrist-tattoo   A lot of women want a feminine, ethereal statement, and for some there is no such thing as too much. Again, in my opinion, the placement can make all the difference between gorgeous and gaudy.

Arm Sleeve
For women more dedicated to a bolder statement sleeve tattoos are gaining in popularity. They can run from the hand to the shoulder and tell a story, unfold a meaningful theme or just express a creative floral streak. color-flowers-sleeve-tattoo The designs are as endless as the women wanting them.


Hand tatts are often inspired by the east Indian tradition of henna adornment used by women as a part of celebrating weddings and festivals. Elegant and intricate designs are permanent jewelry. Another popular inspiration for hand tattoos comes from astrology. No longer does anyone have to feel inquisitive enough to ask the ancient and cheesy question; what sign are you?  Pretty-Hand-Tattoos-for-Women   Wearing a rendition of your birth sign on your hand gives a potential inquisitor the answer in a non-verbal, beautiful way.

Women’s bodies are the perfect canvas for some of the most beautiful tattoos in the world. Enhancing the natural curves and folds of the female form can lead to breathtaking displays of art.

What do you think? Do you or the women in your life have a tattoo worth telling us about at Tattoos 1? Leave a comment and picture below.

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